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Randall’s Good Neighbor Program
Randall's offers its customers a way to direct 1% of purchases to participating non-profit organizations. Link your Remarkable Card to Westlake Band #3566 and remember to scan your card after each purchase. 

Randall’s Good Neighbor Program


Randall’s customers can link their “Randalls for U” account (formally Randall’s Remarkable Card) to direct 1% of all purchases to participating nonprofits.


LINK your Randall’s account to WESTLAKE BAND #3566 (and provide your phone/account number at checkout with every purchase).

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to link your Randall’s account to donate to Westlake Band OR simply email and ask them to link your account.


Shop at Randall’s but don’t have a “Randalls for U” Account?  SIGN UP HERE then follow the instructions above to link your account!

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