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No Experience Required

Open to All Incoming 9-12 WHS Students

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The Elite Visual Ensemble offers Westlake Students a unique opportunity to learn and perform a wide range of movement, dance and theater skills at the State and National level.  As part of the Westlake Band Program, EVE makes up the color guard section of the Chap Band.  Color Guard is known as “the sport of the arts” and is one of the fastest growing activities in high schools across the nation.  It is a high energy sport that combines dance (including ballet, jazz, and modern styles), gymnastics, theater, and equipment manipulation (including flags, rifles, sabres, and other props).

In the fall, the Elite Visual Ensemble performs as one of five sections in the award winning Westlake Chaparral Band at football games and competitions.  In the spring, the Elite Visual Ensemble is comprised of 7-12 graders in EISD and performs as its own unit(s) indoors to recorded music and travels across the state to compete against other color guards.

Any Eanes ISD 7-12 grader is eligible to be in the Elite Visual Ensemble.  The Westlake Elite Visual Ensemble is unique in that freshmen and new members get to perform their very first year in the organization!


November - April 

Varsity Winter Guard

JV Winter Guard 

Cadet Winter Guard


No Experience Required

Open to all Eanes ISD 6th-8th grade students! 


Questions? Contact

Who can join EVE?

No previous dance or color guard experience is required.  Our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know.

Can you be in band and EVE?

Absolutely!  Band students are encouraged to explore this activity just as much as any other Westlake High School student. Students who play instruments can play stand tunes during football games. They will be a part of the Concert Bands in the Spring. 

How do I join EVE?

Auditions for EVE are held each April/May. Students do not need to audition to join. Just sign up for PE899A and contact Ms. Thompson!  Even if you have already signed up for classes, contact Ms. Thompson or your counselor, and we can easily get your schedule changed.

All EVE students will attend Freshman camp the week after school lets out in May. All absences from this camp must be cleared through the director. 

When does EVE practice and perform?

In the fall, the Elite Visual Ensemble practices before school and performs along with the rest of the Chap Band and Varsity Marching Band at Varsity football games and marching competitions across the state.  In the spring, the Elite Visual Ensemble practices before school and competes at winter guard competitions across the state.  

What credit to I receive for EVE?

Being enrolled in Elite Visual Ensemble can earn you a PE or Fine Arts credit each semester.

What are the benefits of joining EVE?

- Having 250 prospective friends in the band upon entering high school

- Earning fine arts and PE credit

- The pride of being part of a successful school group

- The honing of dance/movement skills with increased fitness and flexibility

- The building of confidence and a sense of responsibility

- The opportunity to develop leadership skills

- The chance to travel to places like Disney World and New York City

Who do I contact for more information?

Kaysey Thompson, Director of Color Guards:

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