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1 pallet = 52 bags of hard wood mulch double ground and tinted black with an organic dye for a long lasting look.


**please note that last year's pallets were 65 bags. We've dropped this number to help ease our delivery**


All purchases are TAX FREE


It is safe to use around pets and children because it is dyed with non-toxic, biodegradable dyes that have been approved by the EPA.


. 2-cubic-foot bags
· Each bag covers 12 sq. ft at 2-in. deep
· Adds nutrients as it decomposes
· Keeps down weeds
· Will not float away


Previous customers have told us to order a bit more than you think you need! 


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Black Dyed Mulch - Pallet (52 bags)

  • Free Contactless Delivery is on March 23rd and 24th, 2024 for zip codes 78746, 78733 and Lake's Edge only. If you are outside our delivery zone or would like to pickup your order from Westlake HS on the 23rd, please select that option above. Deliveries are to the front of the home only.

  • Your spreading request (Be sure to add that item to your cart) will be sent to our students and you'll be contacted by the spreading team the week following delivery. Payment is to be made directly to the student. Suggested hourly rate is $20. 

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