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If you’re looking for a creative way to fully fund or supplement your student’s band travel expenses without traditional “fundraising”, RaiseRight (formerly Shop with Scrip) is for you.

RaiseRight is easy, runs year-round, and involves no selling (unless you choose to purchase then sell gift cards to others). Band families have raised significant funds in previous years to cover their individual student’s band travel. The concept is simple: instead of paying with cash, checks or credit at your favorite stores, purchase and pay with RaiseRight gift cards and the merchant will give you cash back (a rebate). Use gift cards for everyday expenses like groceries and/or big expenses like travel. Rebates will be deposited into your student’s band travel account. It adds up!

Simply sign up on RaiseRight’s website or download the RaiseRight app. When you purchase gift cards via RaiseRight, the brand gives back a percentage of the gift card value to the Westlake Band Parents (WBP) booster organization, who will track and transfer earnings to your student’s band travel account. No gift card activation fees are involved – you receive the full value* of your gift cards for shopping. Merchants offer 3 different types of gift cards: physical one-time use, physical reloadable, and e-gift cards. Reloads and e-gift cards can be purchased seconds before use, even while standing in the checkout line!

Over 750 merchants participate including popular grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, airlines, and more. Major brands like Amazon, Target, Walmart, HEB, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Southwest Airlines offer gift cards. You can also buy gift cards then sell or give them to others to earn even more. Rebates average 6% and range from 1-20% with some offering significant, limited-time, promotional “bonus” rebates.

For a complete list of participating merchants, rebate amounts and available gift card types, DOWNLOAD FULL PDF LIST HERE.

To enroll online, click here: JOIN A PROGRAM and/or download the “RaiseRight” app.

For The Enrollment code for Westlake Band Parents Contact - or find the code on the Westlake Band Parent weekly email newsletter

To receive accurate travel account credit, be sure to add your student’s name(s) in the field “WHO ARE YOU FUNDRAISING FOR?”. This is very important.

Start shopping for gift cards! Physical gift cards will be sent in batches to Julie Guillot (this year’s WBP RaiseRight Program Coordinator) who will connect with you for delivery. Batches will be sent the beginning of each month (more frequently prior to the holidays).Some physical gift cards can be sent directly to your home.

Questions? Contact the fundraising team via email

100% of your earnings will be transferred to your student’s travel account approximately 4 times per year. Purchase gift cards via cash, check or ACH withdrawal from your bank account to maximize rebates/ earnings.

GRADUATING SENIOR FAMILIES: Contact Julie Guillot with specific questions regarding RaiseRight balance rollovers at graduation.

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